Construction Design Process Outline

Step 1 – Phone Consultation
The first step is a phone consultation so we can discuss your project needs, time frame, and desired budget.  I will be happy to answer any questions about how I work or the design fees, etc.  After this conversation, we can decide if we would like to proceed.

Step 2 – Survey & Agreement
The next step is to meet in person for an initial project overview where we will visit your floorplans, design timeframe, contractor, budget and project in general.   After this meeting, I will send you an estimate of the number of hours I think it will take to design your new home and a contract will be presented and agreed upon.

Step 3 – Design Direction
A design direction meeting will be scheduled to discuss in detail thoughts and ideas you have in mind for your new home.  Magazine clippings, photos from Houzz, Pinterest and any other design ideas you have, bring to this meeting!  After a design direction is clear and agreed upon by all parties, design work can begin.

Step 4 – Design & Selections

During this step, the exciting design work begins and your new home begins to take shape. I will provide an outline of the selections process and if you have allowances from your contractor, we’ll work within those parameters to come in on time and on budget.  During the design phase you are welcome to join me at showrooms or sit back and relax while I do all the work.  Either way I will present samples and design concepts to you along with material quotes from each supplier.  I recommend creating a 3-ring bound notebook or email folders to keep up with all of the information you will receive.  When the time is right, deposits and orders will be placed by you or your contractor depending on your builder arrangement.

Step 5 – Implementation
You now have most everything you need to hand to your contractor for detailed building instructions.  If you are bidding your project out, this apples to apples cost comparison puts you the homeowner in a great position.  Last but not least, it is important that the design plan be clearly communicated to your contractor. I recommend a final meeting between designer, contractor, and homeowner before construction gets started.