Design Process

Step 1 – Phone Consultation
The first step is to schedule a phone consultation so we can discuss your project needs, time frame, and desired budget. I will be happy to answer any questions about how I work or the design fees, etc. After this conversation, we can decide if we would like to work together on your project.

Step 2 – Survey & Agreement
The next step is to meet at your home or project site to assess your current interiors and discuss what changes and additions you have been considering. If your project requires an architect or builder I will also need to meet with them. At this point, measurements are taken or blueprints are requested and colors & materials are discussed. I will ask you questions about your family, lifestyle, and the mood you want your space to reflect. After this meeting, I will send you an estimate of the number of hours I think it will take to design your space and a contract will be agreed upon.

Step 3 – Design Plan & Presentation
A design plan will be created for your project combining the information from our previous meeting(s) and any other creative ideas you would like to input. I will present the design concept to you through use of photos, floorplans, fabric, paint, flooring samples, and any other materials that I recommend. At this point, the design is tweaked and/or approved into a final design plan. In the event of a large project, the project will be divided in to design planning phases and presented accordingly.

Step 4 – Implementation
Once the design is approved, furnishings and materials are ready to be ordered and any contractors or installers are ready to be scheduled.  An hourly project management fee option is available for clients needing help with placing furnishing orders or scheduling contractors.

Step 5 – Styling
The last and final step is to accessorize your project with things that are meaningful to you. This final layer magically brings the space to life.